Just one moment in time


I spend my summer in one place, as paradise for me, more than a decade. And that cactus was always there. During the years we became close friends. I have so many pictures of it, that one day I can tell its story. But today I just want to share with you the beauty of the flower. And if you can imagine the silence and the smell of the sea.
I want to thanks God for the luck to be able to contemplate that beauty.

Ask me about: The best Summer vacation


Impossible is to have the best summer vacation without a plenty of nescafe frappe. Sitting near the sea, feeling the sea air, listening to the sea sound. All that is a significant part of the summer experience, but the nescafe frappe make all the difference. It is not for wake up, it is not the last coffee before sleep, it’s just the right drink during the whole day.
Impossible is to find words with which I can describe the pleasure of the first sip.

Enjoy your summer and please, enjoy the freshness of that cold coffee.