Blue is the color of the summer

13705201_10153957397693227_1750418917_n Summer has many colors. But blue is everywhere. If you want to spend more time in the seaside, you will need rope – for the boat, for the caravan, for the tent, for laundry, for….

If you choose a rope with a summer color, that will make your vacation more colorful and will work for you summer mood. If you are dedicated to sailing, theн making strong nodes will be a must.
I will see what I can do from that blue rope. For the moment I use it for a picture:)

And I hope more people will use rope for good, and not for bad reasons.
Today we have to stop for a while and think where the world is going. We have reach new planets, we know so much about the DNA, and how to produce food, but we still can’t learn to live with each other without making each other pain.