Crowdsourcing in communication industries

Dear friends,

I am starting to write on the topic what is crowdsourcing and how we can use it in the field of communication – media, marketing, advertising, Public Relations and special events.
And as the topic suggests, I will try to use a crowdsourcing for making something useful for all of use, who will work in that environment.
What is my plan?
I will share with you first the structure of the book, and will ask for opinion.
After that I will share with you the structure of the content chapter by chapter and will ask for opinion, experience, great examples and ideas.
At the end I will do all of the things first in Bulgarian, as I have to present it at my University, and after that I will do the practical chapters on English and will published it here for free downloading.
Of course, the support of everyone will be mention in both version of the final text.
Let see what will happen in that journey. Please leave your opinion and comments here.
The first part is to see what do you think about the structure of the content.

The draft of the content.
Preface –
Volunteers in Social web environment
From outsourcing to crowdsourcing
The wisdom of the crowd
The gene of collective intelligence
Models, systems and control in crowdsourcing
Factors for crowdsourcing success
What motivates people to participate in crowdsourcing
Risks of crowdsourcing
Practice and Case studies
How to plan your crowdsourcing strategy
Instruments and technology for crowdsourcing
Crowdsourcing and social media and networks
Crowdsourcing in marketing
Crowdsourcing in advertising
Crowdsourcing in PR
Crowdsourcing in special events
One great example – TEDx and The Open translation project
Last words

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